EN12767:2019 Passive safety of support structures for road equipment

The severity of accidents for occupants of a vehicle is affected by the performance of support structures for items of road equipment under impact. Based on safety considerations, these can be made in such a way that they detach or yield under vehicle impact.

This European standard considers three categories of passive safety support structures:

High Energy absorbing (HE), Low Energy absorbing (LE), Non Energy absorbing (NE)

Support structures with no performance requirements for passive safety are class 0.

The European Standard demands 2 full scale tests to assign the safety level.

– a test at 35 km/h to ensure satisfactory functioning of the support structure at low speed.
(already risk of back and neck injuries)

– a test at the class impact speed (50, 70 or 100 km/h)

To declare the safety level for the occupants, two values are measured in the tests.
– ASI: Acceleration Severity Index
– THIV: Theoretical Head Impact Velocity

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